About Steve Barr


Growing up in an east coast construction family, Steve Barr has been fascinated with how things are put together from an early age.  He has been involved in the design and construction of both residential and commercial properties from the age of 15.  Twelve years ago he branched out to furniture making, a meandering path that has led through one of a kind custom design pieces for home and office, small production series, medium scale production for restaurants, and outdoor furnishings for home and public use.  At present he has turned his attention to the sculptural and to the beauty of the native woods of New Mexico.  Functional sculpture, sculptural furniture, and sometimes veering directly into art, he’s on the next leg of the journey. Here is Steve’s take on the wood he uses to create his unique works: “Wood is the present tapestry of a past life.  It is the end process of dirt, light, rain and breath funneled into form, twisted into solidity.  Separated from its sources, sliced, sawn, and sanded, wood shows what it was by remaining so.  I grew up in the Northeast with a dozen 3’ diameter maples for climbing friends.  Straight and true, furniture folk.   I’ve lived in a dozen places, visited a dozen more, bringing exotics on board wherever they would have me.  A passion for mixing woods’ pasts to make present furniture has long glued itself into these hands.  Now, Vicki and I and the three dogs are here where the wood walks, bends to pick-up its own sticks, and salutes grayed roots into big sky.   
For one of a kind pieces, small production work for restaurants, unique designs for home or office, let’s make the past present.” Steve lives and works on Coronado Drive, Sedalia, Colorado with his wife and three dogs.

He can be contacted by email at stbarrfinewoodworking@gmail.com, or by phone at (775) 962-3921. His website can be viewed at artisanwoodenlamps.com or www.stbarrfinewoodworking.com.  Please contact him, he would love to show you his existing creations or customize one for you in his studio. 

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